Karatoo, it is one of the few words that has the same meaning in two different languages.
It means ” Let us read ” in the Arabic language, and also the same meaning in the Nigerian language, so let’s all “KARATOO” 🙂

Discover the magical journey

Introducing the Princess Aisha Coloring Book – a delightful world of creativity awaits! Join Aisha and her friends on colorful adventures filled with joy and imagination. Let’s start coloring!


Story of Karatoo

My beloved friends,

Hello from Princess Aisha, a happy and caring 3-year-old living in Somalia. It is my dream to help children in Africa who are going through tough times. My Dad helped me, and My brother Mohammed do design these Coloring Books.
I kindly ask for your generous help in making my dream come true. Your support means the world to me. Together, with kindness and determination, we can make something truly special happen.
Let’s start this journey together and bring my heartfelt dream to life.

With ❤️
-Princess Aisha

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Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of Princess Aisha with the all-new kid’s coloring book! Let imagination run wild as young artists bring Aisha’s magical world to life. Adventure, friendship, and creativity await on every page. Unleash the colors and create your own fairy tale!


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